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its indonesia fault? “seriously?”


Winter storm blamed for nine deaths as snow system moves up east coast

The second wintry storm in two weeks to hit the US south brought treacherous conditions to highways, forced thousands of flight cancellations and knocked out electricity to nearly a half-million homes and businesses.

At least nine traffic deaths across the region were blamed on the weather, including three people who were killed when an ambulance careened off an icy west Texas road and caught fire. Nearly 3,300 airline flights nationwide were cancelled.

Forecasters warned of a potentially “catastrophic” storm across the south with more than an inch of ice possible in places. Read more

Photograph: Hal Yeagar/AP


What if all the ice melted?

The ocean holds most of Earth’s water. After that, it’s ice. 5.7 million cubic miles of the stuff.

What if, thanks to natural and man-made climate change, it all melted? What if, by burning enough deep-Earth carbon (dead dinosaurs, prehistoric plants, or as we call it… fossil fuels) we raised Earth’s average temperature to around 80˚ F?

Thanks to National Geographic we know: This is is what 216 feet (66 meters) of sea level change looks like. 

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